Memorial Union: Event Capacities and Diagrams

Room Capacities and Event Diagrams

The Memorial Union meeting room complex is an affordable and convenient option for a variety of events, including but not limited to meetings, classes, banquets and receptions. The following event capacities and diagrams are provided to assist you with ideas and equipment options available at the Memorial Union. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the event diagrams below, the Memorial Union Event Venue Manager will work with you to design a custom solution to suit your event needs.

Please contact the Memorial Union Event Venue Manager at 530-752-1010 or at to discuss your upcoming event, to receive more information about the facility, or to schedule a site tour.


Seating Arrangements

The following graphic and text combinations are provided to assist you with an understanding of the seating arrangements and the equipment commonly used in the Memorial Union meeting rooms.


Memorial Union Conference Style

Conference Style

Conference Style consists of tables arranged together to create one large table. Generally used for interactive discussions or note taking sessions with fewer guests.


Memorial Union Lecture Style


Lecture Style

Lecture Style consists of chairs in a row facing the front of the room. Generally used for sessions and lectures that do not require extensive note taking.


Memorial Union Classroom Style

Classroom Style

Classroom Style consists of rectangular tables set with chairs facing the front of the room. Generally used for lectures that require extensive note taking or extensive materials.


Memorial Union Pod Style

Table Pods Style

Table Pods Style consists of small groupings of tables and chairs. Generally used for small group discussions and group activities.


Room Capacities and Event Diagrams by Seating Arrangement

The following table and event diagram documents are provided to assist you with an understanding of the room capacities by seating arrangement for each meeting room at the Memorial Union.

Room Dimensions Sq. Ft Standard/
Lecture Classroom Table Pods
DeCarli 18' x 31' 585 22 42 27 25
Fielder 20' x 21' 420 14 26 20 18
Garrison 35' x 19' 680 22 42 26 30
Smith 16' x 15' 250 10 15 N/A N/A


Map of Memorial Union 2nd Floor event space.