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We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students.

Student Community Center: Facility Use Guidelines

Reservations & Rental Rates

  1. All reservation requests must be submitted at least two business days in advance of the event date, and are subject to availability of resources. Walk-ups or same day requests will not be processed.
  2. Set-up, take-down and cleaning is included in the cost for the first four hours of facility use for the Multi-purpose room.
  3. A set-up fee is required for all meeting rooms that require a set-up outside of the standard configuration.
  4. Additional staff is available at an hourly rate and may be required depending on the size and complexity of the event.
  5. The SCC provides basic needs in terms of in-house audio visual equipment, which must be arranged two business days in advance of the event. If your event requires specialized audio visual equipment, please contact Academic Technology Services (ATS).

Prohibited Items

  1. When posting materials on the walls of the Community Center, only painter’s tape may be used. Push pins, thumb tacks, and all other types of tape are strictly prohibited.  
  2. According to California State Fire Codes, it is illegal to post items over doorways and emergency exit signs, or to block emergency exits in any way.
  3. In order to protect the smoke detectors and fire sprinklers in the SCC, only weighted helium are allowed. Non-weighted/loose balloons are strictly prohibited. 
  4. Due to limited turnover time between events, the use of glitter or confetti anywhere in the Student Community Center is strictly prohibited. 
  5. The UC Davis Campus is a smoke and tobacco free campus.  For more information please visit the following website:

Rules & Regulations

  1. UCD prohibits the use of candles.
  2. In the event that damage to the facility occurs, the client is responsible for the costs involved in the repair.
  3. The university does not insure the personal property of the client, the client’s employees, agents, guests, and others allowed at the facility by client against damage or loss. The Student Community Center assumes no responsibility for equipment used at events supplied by client or another party and reserves the right to approve equipment and equipment providers.
  4. All caterers contracted to serve food in the Student Community Center must be on the campus approved catering list. Potluck is approved on case by case with events of 75 or less attending.  Contact Conference and Event Services for more information at
  5. The SCC also enforces an addendum to the campus alcohol policy. Please contact the Event Coordinator for additional information. 
  6. The SCC reserves the right to charge a merchandise fee of up to 25% of total gross on all items sold within the facility.  The fee may be negotiable with the Facility Manager.
  7. Clients shall observe all applicable policies of the Student Community Center, Conference and Event Services (CES), and the University of California, Davis, including all local, state and federal laws and ordinances. Client shall not make any alterations to the facility, building systems or equipment. At the end of the event, the facility shall be left in a clean, safe condition. Client shall remove own property and materials from facility, as well as those of client’s performers, decorators and/or caterers. 
  8. Any equipment/props/decorations left in the facility must have prior approval from Facility Management or it will be disposed of 48 hours following event.

Please contact the SCC Facility Manager for additional information on any of the above items, at or (530) 754-1083. Additional charges may be assessed if the client is found in violation of any of the above mentioned items.