University Credit Union Center: Technical Package

Technical Package

Please contact the University Credit Union Center Event Venue Managers at 530-754-2172 to discuss your upcoming event, to receive more information about the facility, including the facility rates and charges, or to discuss in further detail the technical package outlined below.


Physical Description

  • Total Square Footage: 144,608
  • Assignable Square Footage: 92,201
  • Gross Dimensions (ground level): 315’ x 252’


Interior Dimensions

  • Main Floor: 183’ x 114’ (20,862 square feet)
  • Upper Level North: 128’ x 34’ (4,352 square feet)
  • Upper Level South: 128’ x 34’ (4,352 square feet)
  • Upper Level East: 191’ x 38’ (7,251 square feet)
  • Upper Level West: 191’ x 38’ (7,251 square feet)
  • Height: Main floor to ceiling grid – 51’ at center court
  • Height: Main floor to ceiling grid – 46’ 6” at North and South ends
  • Height: Upper levels to ceiling – 26’ 3”
  • Height: Upper levels to truss system – 28’ 7” on all sides
  • Diameter of Truss System Beams: 16” square


Bleacher Capacities

  • Facility Bleacher Capacity: 5,943
    **For more detail please see Facility Diagram**


Available Equipment

Description of Item



Padded folding chairs



Ceremonial Chairs



Stage Pieces: Set at a height of 4’ or 5’. Maximum size: 40’x60’ or 44’x56’

Stage Right

88 stage pieces

Wheelchair Ramp

Stage right


Truss Curtains (navy blue velour, 10’ x 30’)




Table-8’ x 30”

Mity Lite


Table-8’ x 18”

Mity Lite


Table-6’ x 18”

Mity Lite


Table-60” Round

Mity Lite



Sound Craft Systems Inc


½ Podium

Sound Craft Systems Inc



Jack the Ripper-drapes



CAD 22/Shure S58


Wireless Handheld Microphones



Lapel Microphones



7’ X 7’ Projection Screens

Da Lite


Volleyball Equipment


6 full sets

Badminton Equipment


18 full sets

 Portable Basketball Game Hoops



Portable Basketball Practice Hoops



Box Truss (90’)


5 motors

Par Lights

Par 64 Cans



Technical Information

  • Electrical Capabilities
  • The University Credit Union Center has three phase four (4) wire cam lock panels; (2) 400 amp – 120/208-volt supplies located back stage left (Northeast Arena corner). Follow spot positions and power (30 amp) located on the concourse/upper level Southeast and Southwest corners.

    A UC Davis electrician may need to assist with both the hook-up and disconnect for your event depending on event specific needs. Please review power needs 2 weeks in advance with the Venue manager to assess the needs.
  • Rigging
  • Rigging needs must be contracted directly by the client. The venue reserves the right to review and approve rigging companies used in the facility. There are no tie holes available on the main floor. Concentrated loads throughout the catwalk system must be equally distributed at loads of approximately 2,000 pounds per truss joint.
  • Lighting Levels
  • The majority of lighting in the University Credit Union Center consists of mercury vapor lamps, fluorescent tubes, and incandescent lamps. The fluorescent tubes can be shut on and off at will. The mercury vapor lamps, after they are shut off, require 20 minutes to turn back on. The incandescent lamps are on dimmers and can be adjusted.
  • Sound System
  • Rental of the University Credit Union Center may include the use of the public address system. This system includes a sixteen channel Allen and Heath soundboard, corded and wireless microphones, CD player, and a hearing impaired system. Additional sound equipment requirements will need to be handled as rentals.
  • Electronic Message Board
  • University Credit Union Center management will determine uses for the electronic message board. Use will be consistent with existing University policy. Rental space will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For questions regarding the use of the electronic message board, please contact the University Credit Union Center, Event Venue Manager.
  • Electronic Multi-Sport Scoreboard
  • The University Credit Union Center electronic multi-sport scoreboard includes a solid-stage scoring console, which is available to the user. The University Credit Union Center Staff at the sponsor’s expense will provide set-up and operation of the scoreboard system. The Event Venue Manager may make exceptions to this policy. If the sponsor of an event provides a console operator, then arrangements must be made for a training session with the University Credit Union Center, Event Venue Manager or another designated employee.
  • Elevator
  • The University Credit Union Center has one elevator located in the Southwest corner of the facility that provides access to all three levels of the facility. This elevator is not a freight elevator. All freight should be accessed through the ramps.
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Freight entry to the University Credit Union Center is via the loading ramp in the Northwest Arena entrance. The dimensions of the doors at the base of the loading ramp are 8’ tall x 6’ 6” wide.
  • Concessions
  • The University Credit Union Center has concessions stands in the Northwest and Southwest corners of the facility. In addition, Upper Level North is equipped with a full-service concessions stand for large events.  Concession areas are not for client use for their own concessions or catering.  For more information please contact the University Credit Union Center Event Managers.


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