Putah Creek Lodge: Facility Use Guidelines

Facility Use Guidelines

Please contact the Putah Creek Lodge Event Venue Manager at 530-752-7282 or at mupcl_reservations@ucdavis.edu to discuss your upcoming event, to receive more information about the facility, including the room rates and charges, or to discuss in further detail the facility use guidelines outlined below.


Building Hours

Putah Creek Lodge is available for reservations and pre-arranged tours throughout the year.  The facility operates based on the standard University Master Calendar. Some restrictions may apply depending on the type of event and the staffing necessary for the event.


Event Reservations

All event reservations for Putah Creek Lodge (PCL) must be made through Conference & Event Services (CES). The PCL Event Venue Manager does not oversee the CES website or the event reservation form. All questions regarding the event reservation form should be directed to ues@ucdavis.edu for university related organizations or events@ucdavis.edu for non-university organizations. Please see below for more information on the PCL guidelines on reservation parameters and event reservation times.

  • Reservation Parameters
  • Groups or organizations looking to reserve Putah Creek Lodge must follow the reservation scheduling parameters listed below.

    13 months prior to the event date = Reservation window opens for events
  • Student Organization Reservation Parameters
  • Registered Student Organization (RSO) Special Event Requests may be made for the Fall Quarter of the next academic year as soon as the RSO is registered and an agency account is activated.  Special Events must be submitted at least one month in advance.

    For more information on Student Reservation Parameters, including information on Major Event Reservations, visit the Center of Student Involvement (CSI) website
  • Event Reservation Time
  • When making an event reservation, Clients are asked to keep in mind that facility access and use must occur within the allotted Client access time(s). Client access time(s) must include the Client's day of event preparation, including but not limited to: catering prep, decoration set up, and/or rehearsal time as well as the Client's event take down, including but not limited to: removal of decorations, equipment, and other items. Clients must host and be in attendance for the duration of the Client access time(s).

    Once a reservation has been made at Putah Creek Lodge, Clients are asked to check their reservations and additional permits to ensure that their Client access time(s) are correct. If changes to the Client access time(s) need to be made prior to the event, the Client may make these changes through the Conference and Event Services Request to Alter Existing Reservation form


Facility Rates and Charges

Estimated charges are based on information provided by the Client regarding event type, specific Client access time(s), labor requirements and equipment requested. Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on room rates and charges.

  • Minimum Client Access Time(s)
  • Putah Creek Lodge rates are based on a minimum Client access time(s) as shown below. If the reservation is under the minimum Client access time(s), the minimum reservation fee will still be charged. Furthermore, reservations are calculated hourly and will be rounded up during billing.

    Putah Creek Lodge = 4 hour minimum reservation
  • Staff Services
  • All events within the Putah Creek Lodge are set-up, taken down, and overseen by UC Davis students employed by the facility. Staffing charges are required for these services and will be included on the cost estimate.  Client set up of Putah Creek Lodge equipment is not permitted and major changes made on the event day may include additional fees.
  • Facility Equipment
  • All physical and technical equipment owned by Putah Creek Lodge will be set up by PCL staff. Physical equipment must be in place prior to Client access, including access by contracted caterers. Clients will be held responsible for any Putah Creek Lodge equipment that is lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced during their Client access time(s).

    For all equipment that is either rented or brought in by the Client, please contact the Putah Creek Lodge Event Venue Manager to discuss any requirements from the facility that need to be met. Set up of all rented equipment will need to be executed by the delivery/rental company.
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Putah Creek Lodge provides basic needs in terms of in-house audio-visual equipment as shown below, which must be arranged with the Putah Creek Lodge Event Venue Manager. PCL audio-visual equipment is available for an additional fee.

    Putah Creek Lodge Audio-Visual Amenities:
    - Projector with a Screen for video capabilities.
    - Supports HDMI and VGA display connections.
    - Podium with a stationary microphone.
    - Two Wireless Handheld microphones.
    - Liberty Speaker for audio capabilities.

    Teleconferencing Information:
    At this time, Putah Creek Lodge does not have teleconferencing capabilities for programs such as Zoom. Therefore, clients of Putah Creek Lodge who would like to host a teleconference must provide the laptop, the webcam, the omnidirectional microphones that connect to the laptop, and any other equipment they deem necessary for their teleconference.

    Furthermore, PCL staff are only trained on audio-visual equipment owned by Putah Creek Lodge. If additional assistance is needed in terms of IT Support, Teleconferencing, or outside equipment that is more extensive, support should be arranged by the Client with other campus resources or outside audio-visual/event production companies.


Additional Charges

Special features, late changes, and damage or loss to the facility or the facilities' equipment may include additional fees. Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on additional charges.

  • Day of Reservation Extension
  • If the facility is occupied prior to or after the reserved Client access time(s) or if changes to the Client access time(s) are requested by the Client on the event day, a $75.00 fee in addition to facility hourly rates and staff costs will be charged.
  • Day of Set Up Changes
  • If major changes to the set up are requested by the Client on the event day, they may be subject to additional fees.
  • Special Requirements
  • Special Requirements, such as receiving of equipment, shipment or storage of equipment, activation of data lines or signals, video-taping, access for media/news, office services or other such requirements must be coordinated with the Putah Creek Lodge Event Venue Manager in advance. Such special requirements may include additional fees.
  • Special Equipment
  • Special Equipment, such as any equipment that requires access to facility water, high voltage electrical, campus network/phones, or the like must be coordinated with and receive written authorization from the Putah Creek Lodge Event Venue Manager in advance. Use of such facility systems or equipment may include additional fees.
  • Excessive Clean Up
  • If Clients and/or guests leave Putah Creek Lodge in need of excessive clean up, they may be subject to additional labor fees for cleanup.


Cancellation Fees

Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on cancellation fees.

  • Cancellation Fees
  • 60 days = 50% of room rental
    30 days = 75% of room rental
    48 hrs = 100% of estimated charges
  • Exceptions
  • If an event is cancelled less than 60/30 days prior to the event date and another event is scheduled on that same event date or if the Client reserves another date for the same event within the same academic year (July 1st - June 30th), no penalties will be applied. If the Client cancels their second reservation, former cancellation penalties will be applied for the two cancelled reservations.



Full-service catered meals and drop off catered meals are permitted.

Full-service catered meals are defined as those that require on-campus food/beverage service or on-campus food/beverage preparation. For full-service catered meals, students, faculty, and staff are required to utilize the on-campus caterer, Olive and Vine. In the event that Olive and Vine is unable to support the service, please see the Requesting a Carve Out page for additional information. 

Drop off catered meals are defined as those where a food provider drops off the order and provides no other services. With a drop off event, event planners are responsible for set-up, clean-up, serving, etc. Event planners are permitted to use any vendor they choose.

Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on potluck and/or self-catered events.

  • Potluck and Self-Catered Events
  • Events in Putah Creek Lodge that request to have a potluck or a self-catered event must receive permission from the PCL Event Venue Manager. If events are allowed to host a potluck or a self-catered event, the client must follow all campus potluck policy rules, including proper food preparation, transportation, and serving which can be found at https://ces.ucdavis.edu/food-and-services-events.



All alcohol must be pre-approved by submitting a Campus Alcohol Permit to Conference & Event Services (CES). The Client must provide a copy of the completed Campus Alcohol Permit to the PCL Event Venue Manager.

Alcohol may only be served by Olive and Vine. The server must have liquor liability and general liability insurance, and accept full responsibility for adhering to the contents of the alcohol permit and ensuring that guests consuming alcohol are at least 21 years of age and do not become intoxicated. Registered Student Organizations, with the exception of Graduate Student Organizations, are not allowed to have alcohol present at any event they host on campus. The Putah Creek Lodge Event Venue Manager reserves the right to require security personnel, such as Aggie Hosts. More information on Aggie Hosts can be found in the Security/Police section below.

Putah Creek Lodge staff will be reviewing and verifying the permit with the client and caterer before service begins. Any discrepancies from the approved permit must be removed from the venue before service. Failure to do so may forfeit the right to serve alcohol and will result in a report to campus personnel.

Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on alcohol delivery, storage, and service areas.

  • Alcohol Delivery and Storage
  • Clients looking to have alcohol at Putah Creek Lodge must follow the delivery and storage requirements listed below.

    - Alcohol may not be stored at Putah Creek Lodge prior to the event.
    - Delivery and pick up may only take place immediately before or after the event through the loading doors at the back of the facility.

    - Deliveries and pick ups are not permitted through any public entrance or exit points.
    - Upon delivery, alcohol cannot be left unattended at any time.
    - If any alcohol is left over after an event, the Client/caterer/bar service must take the alcohol out of the facility through the delivery/pick up locations mentioned above.
  • Alcohol Service Areas
  • Alcohol service and consumption may only take place in the areas designated on the approved Campus Alcohol Permit. Alcohol service and consumption will not be allowed anywhere else around Putah Creek Lodge.


Event Decorations

Clients should contact the PCL Event Venue Manager for a full overview of allowable decorations and their location. Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on event decorations and decoration location and materials.

  • Decorations
  • The following decorations are prohibited in Putah Creek Lodge. 

    - Confetti
    - Glitter
    - Stickers
    - Spray paint
    - Liquid paint
  • Decoration Locations and Materials
  • In accordance with California State Fire Codes, it is illegal to post items over doorways and emergency exit signs, or to block emergency exits in any way. Furthermore, all items, including signs, banners, and murals must be flame-retardant.

    The following materials for posting items are prohibited in Putah Creek Lodge.

    - Scotch/Duct tape
    - Staples
    - Nails
    - Push pins

    Only blue painters tape is allowed in pre-approved posting areas.


Vehicle Parking/Unloading/Loading

All vehicle parking, Client unloading and loading requires a valid UC Davis permit. Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on parking, unloading and loading.

  • Vehicle Parking
  • Clients should direct their guests to park in the closest visitor parking lot to Putah Creek Lodge, the Putah Creek Lodge Parking Lot. A valid UC Davis permit is required to park on campus Monday - Friday from 7am - 10pm.

    Purchase of a UC Davis permit is not required on weekends or University holidays, except during special events when parking attendants are present. Purchase of a UC Davis permit is also not required for guests with a disabled placard/plate when parked in spaces where UC Davis DSA permits are honored.

    UC Davis visitor permits have gone mobile. 
    The free AggiePark app makes it easy to pay for parking at UC Davis right from your phone. Once you set up your account, simply select your parking zone, vehicle, pay for the day or hour, and go. It's smart, contactless payment in the palm of your hand! Please visit the following website to learn more about visitor parking rates and how to pay for parking with AggiePark.

    More information on getting to and parking at Putah Creek Lodge can be found on the Location and Contact Information page.
  • Client Unloading/Loading
  • For Client unloading and loading, arrangements must be made in advance with the PCL Event Venue Manager. Putah Creek Lodge assumes no liability for any vehicles. Please see the  Location and Contact Information page for more detail. 


Additional Facility Use Guidelines

Clients shall observe all applicable policies of Putah Creek Lodge, Conference & Event Services (CES), and the University of California, Davis; including all local, state and federal laws and ordinances when in use of the facility. Clients shall only have the use of the facility for the sole purpose stated when reserved with CES. Clients shall not make any alterations to the facility, building systems or equipment. At the end of the event, the facility should be left in a clean and safe condition.

Clients shall remove their own property and materials from the facility, as well as those of their performers, decorators and/or caterers. Any equipment, props, or decorations left in the facility must have prior approval from the PCL Event Venue Manager or the item(s) will be disposed of 48 hours following the event.

Please see below for more information on the Putah Creek Lodge guidelines on everything from user property to animals in the facility.

  • User Property
  • The University does not insure the personal property of the Client, the Clients' employees, agents, guests, and others allowed in the facility by the Client against damage or loss. Putah Creek Lodge assumes no responsibility for equipment supplied by the Client or another party and reserves the right to approve equipment and equipment providers.
  • Liability
  • Depending on the nature and the scope of facility use, Clients may be required to furnish a certificate of insurance naming the University of California, Davis and various University entities as additionally insured. Proof of Workman's Compensation Insurance and automobile insurance may also be required. Putah Creek Lodge must receive the required insurance certificates 30 days prior to the event date.
  • Fire/Flames
  • The UC Davis Fire Department must approve the following in advance: all open flames, including candles, burning of materials, pyro-devices, and torches. Putah Creek Lodge enforces fire protection safety codes and is subject to inspection by the UC Davis Fire Department.
  • Smoking
  • UC Davis is a smoke and tobacco free campus. Smoking and tobacco use are prohibited on University owned property which includes Putah Creek Lodge. More information regarding the UC Davis campus policy on smoking can be found on the Healthy UC Davis website.
  • Security/Police
  • Putah Creek Lodge in partnership with Conference & Event Services (CES) and the UC Davis Police Department (Aggie Host Program) shall solely determine and control security arrangements including but not limited to type and number of security personnel, placement of security personnel and use of security personnel. The Client shall pay the cost of such services. A cost estimate for security can be obtained from the Aggie Host Coordinator of the UC Davis Police Department at 530-752-3279 or at https://police.ucdavis.edu/aggie-host.
  • Weapons/Firearms
  • Possession, use, storage, or manufacture of explosives, firebombs, firearms, or other destructive devices are strictly prohibited in Putah Creek Lodge and on the UC Davis campus.
  • Animals
  • The UC Davis campus defines a Service Animal as a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. An Assistance Animal is any animal, including non-dog animals that work, provide assistance, performs tasks, or provides emotional support that alleviates an identified symptom/effect of a person's disability. Only Service Animals are permitted in the Putah Creek Lodge.

    In accordance with UC Davis Accessibility guidelines, if a guest brings a Service Animal or an Assistance Animal into the facility, they must comply with the following requirements.

    - The handler is responsible for the animal's care and supervision.
    - The handler must keep the animal under control in public areas
    via a harness, leash, tether, or voice control, depending on the task/work performed.
    - The animal must be free from offensive odors and display habits appropriate to the environment.
    - The animal must not engage in behavior that endangers the health and safety of others.

    - The animal must comply with Yolo County Codes, including requirements for vaccinations and licensing laws.

    More information on Service Animals and Assistance Animals on the UC Davis campus can be found on the UC Davis Accessibility website